Jo LebrocqueLa Maison - wholesaler, biggest retailers and Interior Designers Australia

La Maison; the spirit of beautiful living

The La Maison story began in 2002 under the direction of Jo Lebrocque and has been constantly growing and expanding. It has been a wonderful journey from the humble beginnings as a wholesaler to some of the biggest retailers and Interior Designers in Australia, to the international furniture exporter and interior brand it is today.​


Way beyond any fashion trend, La Maison has established its own style; a concept of design that is not expressed in trends of the moment, but in the “spirit of beautiful living”. The look is classic and relaxed yet refined with modern lines. A look that creates calm, luxurious and beautiful interiors that will fill your space with laughter and shared experiences.

The La Maison collections are inspired by the Australian way of life with influences from the American Hamptons and French Country Living. With a strong belief that a room should be collected, not decorated, with a rich interior containing a mix of different styles from different eras. It’s all about an effortless mix of classic which fit perfectly and comfortably with modern. With our mix not match philosophy, our curated collections suit a wide range of styles and interiors.

La Maison continues the journey to evolve and create beautiful living everywhere in the world.

La Maison - wholesaler, biggest retailers and Interior Designers Australia